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About Ghana Tertiary Excellence Awards

Who We Are

Glint Africa aims to empower young people in Africa through education, entrepreneurship, and leadership. Glint Africa was founded in 2017 by a group of African youth who wanted to create positive change in their communities and continent. Glint Africa offers various programs and initiatives such as Face Of Ghana Youth Awards and Ghana Tertiary Excellence Awards. Glint Africa's vision is to create a generation of African youth who are confident, creative, and capable of transforming their lives and society. Glint Africa believes that youth are the key to unlocking Africa's potential and solving its challenges.

our events

Ghana Tertiary Excellence Awards(GTEA)

Ghana Tertiary Excellence Awards(GTEA); the initiative is to recognize, empower, and honor hard-working tertiary students and groups championing development among Ghanaian youths and make meaningful impacts on Ghana’s economic growth. The maiden edition, which is dubbed “Inspiring Excellence In Tertiary Students.” The event, however, is structured with the following as focus

  • To empower hard-working tertiary students who are championing the development of Ghana.
  • An occasion where a selected-few of deserving tertiary students from various tertiary institutions will be recognized and acknowledged with an award and citation for their tireless successful contribution to Ghana’s development.
  • Honor individuals and groups who are inspiring Ghanaian tertiary students to make an impact on society.